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Are you looking for the best hair salon in San Bernardino, California? Are you looking for personalized high quality services? Well, choosing a hair salon that suits the needs of your hair is not always a walk in the park. You will need to find one that has stylists who best understands your hair care routines, lifestyle and style preferences in relation to your skin tone, face shape and other distinctive physical features.

You do not have to follow what everyone else is raving about. All you need is to try a few salons in order to have a firsthand feel of the ambiance of each and select the one that works best for you. Eventually, you will settle on a favorite salon. It is worth the effort.

Norma’s Salon is one of the best hair salons in San Bernardino, CA. They have stylists skilled in styling, complex haircuts, hair color, deep condition treatments, waxing, trendy color techniques and are way much up to date on the latest hair trends. The stylists are supported by the industry’s best education and hair care products with continuous training in the most current techniques and hair fashion trends.

Best Customer Experience and Service

We were voted the best hair salon in san bernardino ca for quality customer service and experience!

Wide Range of Products

we know that our clients should use only the top manufacture products.

Some of the support products are: Nioxin,American Crew,Kenra,CHI,Paul Mitchell,Moroccan oil

Magic Mirror

oWe get our mirror made to order by to mirror manufacturer

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oTo make every moment enjoyable

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Call Us at  (909) 880-9368 to make an appointment and get the best customer service in San Bernardino.



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Latest Color Styles

Hair Coloring

Norma’s Salons have professional hairdressers. The hair coloring options offered for cosmetic purpose are – Covering gray hair, changing the hair color and restoring the original color of the hair.

Here are the hair coloring techniques applied:

  1. Off- Scalp Technique

The modern trend is applied here, where several colors are used to produce gradations or streaks. However, not all work on top of a base color. These are often referred to as:

-Highlighting – sectors of hair are treated with lighter shades to create blonde streaks.

-Low-lighting – some sections of hair are treated with darker hair color

The latest techniques are:

  • Ombre – in which hair is dark on the crown and it becomes lighter bit by bit towards the end.
  • Splashlights – where a horizontal band of breached hair extends from ear to ear.

Some of the methods of applying off Scalp technique are:

  • Balayage – where the color is painted onto various sectors of the hair with foils to keep the color contained.
  • Dipping – This is similar to balayage in that the color is painted directly to the hair. However, it focuses on a more solid level of coverage on the ends of the hair.


  1. On Scalp Technique

Hair coloring may also be applied on the scalp for a more rigid level coverage.

  • Block Covering – where the client wants a hundred percent coverage but has the desire of more than one color to be placed to create contrast.
  • Root Touch Up – where color is applied only to the recent section of re-growth, usually the first inch of the hair from the scalp. This service is repeated about for about six weeks as the color grows in. Root touch ups are usually done by people who color their hair to cover gray.
  • All Over Color – where the individual changes the original color to a new solid color.

Hair Styling

Hair Styling

What would be the best hairstyle for you? Do you like your hair as ultra-short or are you in love with glamorous evening looks? Well, you find the most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles in Norma’s hair salons in San Bernardino, CA. The stylists show you the best styles for the long and short hair and get you the upcoming trends as well.

You will get every detail on how to create the newer trendy looks even while at home.

Bridal Hair Styles

As much as your bridal gown is the main focus, taking a critical eye on your hairstyle does not hurt. You surely want the best feeling on your most significant day in your life. You need to have a hairstyle that suits your personality. The hair stylists at Norma’s Salons help you find your bridal hairstyle, which surpasses your partner’s dreams. Plain elegance combined with natural softness may be more enchanting than any other styling that uses jewelry and bows. Your choice ought to reflect your partner’s dreams. There are various trendy bridal styles for a variety of different personalities and styles.

Keep your own natural style – a natural hairstyle is just the right hairstyle for you if you have a less complicated personality. Natural hairstyle does not change your appearance drastically.

Regenerating Treatments

Absolutely new technology, and best hair treatments offered in san bernardino ca.

Hair Accessories

Norma’s Salons also offer advice and services based on hair accessories:

What would be more natural than imitating nature’s brilliant color play in a fashionable manner? Sparkling, artistic and very colorful hair accessories and jewelry make this easier.

You may use bandanas, romantic flower tendrils, pearls and Alice bands as part of your ultimate arsenal. You will have to create your own most colorful, wildest, romantic and artistic hair accessories in order to stand out.

            Alice Bands

Whether your hair is long or short, Alice bands create sparks to hairstyles from sleek to undone and from open to closed ends. They create elegant and romantically playful styles.

            The Head Scarf

Head scarves are not only eye catching, but also used during summer to protect the hair from ultra-violet rays. You can wear a bandana and wrap your head into a turban or knot your head scarf to a retro style. Creativity in this is not limited.

Step it up to a higher notch to create a weave flower tendril into your hair or use sparkling hair styles for more glamour.

Beautiful hairstyles that have a center part:

The aspect of center parting makes complete the Kittenish braid. You have to comb your hair into a little parting and gather a bunch of hair from each side. Each bunch is then loosely braided to the tips. A beautiful center part is a classic that is flexible to styling in many different ways. It can be modified into extraordinary styles.

Quality Customer Service

Relaxation and enjoyment make you a different and happier person as you walk out of the salon.

Professional Stylists

Our stylist are some of the best san bernardino has to offer!


Our mission is to be one of the best hair salons in san bernardino ca by bringing the best and up to date styles and trends from all over the country.

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Our Skill

By training with some of the best stylist in the city, we have the best stylist team in san bernardino ca. We specialize in a wide area of styles, hair cuts, and colors. We have achieved multiple rewards and recognition for our great service and skills.

Skill Set


Norma has cut, styled and highlighted my hair since moving to San Bernardino about 15 years ago, with excellent results most every time! I even trust her to sometimes create a hairstyle on her own that fits my face – with complementary results! I’ve also taken my 3 kids there for 10-plus years. They also do not want to go to anyone but Norma for very reasonably priced haircuts. An added plus is that she is a compassionate, genuine soul.


Norma dose an amazing job dying and styling my hair, she also fast and accurate when she cuts my layers. I’ve been going there for over ten years. I highly recommend her salon.

Norma’s team is great. They are fast and give  great cuts. I have a short hairstyle and most people mess it up. I’ve been going to Norma’s for over a year now and have no plans on going anywhere else.


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